About the hotellet


The main building at Björkudden was built in 1892 as a school building. At that time, it was called Skoludden. The bricks of which the house is built were shipped from England as ballast on the ships.

The house was constructed as a school by director Seth Kempe, who at that time owned the Dal sawmill until the general strike of 1908. In 1912, Björkudden was sold to inspector Belfrage, who turned Björkudden into apartments for the officials. One of the officials was named Kjellberg, later the father of Margareta Kjellberg, nationally known for singing ballads and participating in a Swedish TV comedy programme.

Around 1920, the forest administration moved to Sollefteå, and Björkudden was then used as a summer residence for the former sawmill officials. Björkudden was also the home of director Bäcklund, who was manager of the sawmill until the major explosion at the mill in 1931. A consortium, Nora Textiles, bought the property in 1945 and established a sewing factory.

In 1952, Karin and Erik Dahlén renovated the building and opened it as a boarding-house and gave Björkudden its present name. In the years since then, Björkudden has been run as a hotel and restaurant by different owners and managers. In 2001 the Kivilompolo family took over Björkudden and closed it temporarily for total renoveration, which took place over a 5-year period until the Re-opening at Christmas 2006.

Björkudden has been modernised to a Four-star establishment with en excellent reputation both as a restaurant and as a hotel.

Visions for the future include further development externally of the park grounds and other houses on the property.

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