Seafood soup  129:-

Crayfish, whipped pepper pannacotta & dill crisp
Wine recommendation: Samuel Billaud Chablis 139:-/glass

Beets 115:-

Salt baked red beets,  pickled yellow beets, horse radish créme,
spinach, hazelnut & honey crisp


Mushroom variation 259:-

Sauteed mushrooms, smoked apple, cabbage, salt roasted Marcona almonds,
fried oyster mushroom, potatoes & mushroom mayonnaise
Wine recommendation: Groh Grohsmaul 135:-/glass

Arctic char 279:-

Smoked potato, cauliflower créme, pickled cauliflower, Romanesco & apple cider sauce
Wine recommendation: Fransola 115:-/glass

Wallenbergare 198:-

Served with potato purée, green peas, clarified butters and sweetened lingonberries
Wine recommendation: Masi Campofiorin 105:-/glass

Deer backstrap & deer sausage 339:-

Burnt cabbage, carrot créme, mushrooms fried in butter, pickled onion,
fried kale & creamy cabbage sauce
Wine recommendation: Purgatori Costers del Segre 155:-/glass


 Brûlée 79:-

Served with cloudberries
Wine Recommendation: Alta Allela Blanc de neu 80:-/4cl

Ice cream 95:-

 With sprinkles and sauce

Cheese from Forsed goat farm 129:-

Dark rye bread, dried fig, honey from Höga Kusten
Wine Recommendation: Angelorum Recioto 68:-/cl

Truffle 79:-

Chocolate truffle with chocolate ganache & freeze-dried raspberries
Wine Recommendation: Bennati Recioto 68:-/4cl

Kids Menu

Pancakes 75:-

Served with whipped cream & jam

Meatballs 85:-

With cream gravy, lingonberries & potato purée


Vanilla ice cream 70:-

With marsmallows & chocolate sauce

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Wed-Sat 16:00-23:00

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