Cold smoked Char  129:-

Fennel Sorbet, pickled black radish, Swedish sweetbutter mousse, radish & dried dark rye bread 

Wine recommendation: Müller Catoir 2017 Pfalz Germany, Riesling 120:-/glass


Tomato 119:-

Marinated couer de boeuf tomato, spring onion, semi-dried tomatoes, goat cheese from Forsed goat farm, croutons, olive oil & lovage mayonnaise 

Wine recommendation: Fransola Sauvignon Blanc 115:-/glass

Tartar Half 149:-

Moose sirloin, pickled mustard seeds, spring onion, smoked cream, horseradish, bleak roe, marinated egg yolk & fried reindeer moss

 Wine recommendation: Müller Catoir Riesling 120:-/glass

Main Courses


Catch of the day 279:-

Breaded fish, new potatoes, fennel, lemon baked carrot, charred cucumber, vinegar jelly, anchovy and dill sauce

Wine recommendation: Masi Masianco 100:-/glass


Duck salad 192:-

Confit duck, salad mix, raspberry vinaigrette, black garlic aioli, sourdough croutons, onion, smoked pork belly and goat cheese from Forsed goat farm 

Wine recommendation: Rosé de Purcari 105:-/glass


Variation on mushrooms 259:-

Sautéed mushroom, smoked apple, point cabbage, tarragon, pickled fresh onion, salt roasted marcona almonds, green asparagus, fried oyster mushroom, truffled potatoes & Porcini mayonnaise

Wine recommentadion: Groh Grohsmaul 135:-/glass


Beef tenderloin 389:-

Grilled asparagus, tarragon pickled fresh onion, new potatoes & parsley root stomp, smoked  marrow butter & piper borbonese gravy

Wine recommendation: Purgatori Costers del Segre 155:-/glass

Tartar Whole 249:-

Moose topside, pickled mustard seeds, spring onion, smoked cream, horseradish, bleak roe, marinated egg yolk, fried reindeer moss and fried new potatoes

Wine recommendation: Müller Catoir Riesling 120:-/glass

Wallenbergare 195:-

Minced veal meat steak, served with potato purée, green peas, clarified butters and sweetened lingonberries

Wine recommendation: Masi Campofiorin 105:-/glass


 Strawberries, rhubarb & wild strawberries 125:-

Rhurbarb cream with fresh strawberries, wild strawberry, ice creame, goat milk jelly & dried spong cake

Wine Recommendation: Torres Nectaria 60:- cl 

Cloudberry 125:-

 Bread cream, salt roasted pecans, cream cheese sorbet and cloudberry foam

Wine Recommendation: Pio Cesare Moscato dÀsti 60:- 4cl 

Créme Brûlée 79:-

Classic with fresh berries

Wine Recommendation: Alta Allela Blanc de neu 80:-/4cl

Cheese from Forsed goat farm 129:-

Dark rye bread, dried fig, honey from Höga Kusten

Wine Recommendation: Secret de Priorat 152:-/4cl

Truffle 79:-

Chocolate truffle with chocolate ganache & freeze-dried raspberries

Wine Recommendation: Bennati Recioto 68:-/4cl

Kids Menu


Pancakes with whipped cream and jam 75:-


Meatballs with creamy gravy, lingonberries and potato puree 85:-


Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sause, sprinkles  70:-