Variation of beets 125:-

Browned butter, hazelnuts, goat cheese from Forsed goatfarm

Wine recommendation: Fransola Sauvignon Blanc 115:-/glass


Reindeer blood pudding 129:-

Served with lingonberry jelly, beer cooked onion, smoked pork, mushroom and reindeer lichen

Wine recommendation: Vintrys Red Port 60:-/cl


Merlin Bourgogne Pinot Noir 135:-/glass


Main Courses


Butter baked Atlantic codn 289:-

Served with German turnip, spinach, horseradish mayonnaise, arenka caviar, vinegar flakes, beetroot broth

Wine recommendation: Samuel Billaud Chablis 139:-/glass


Calf chuck 289:-

Served with calf sweetbread, potato fondants, black salsify, soured scallions, tarragon butter and sichuan pepper broth

Wine recommendation: Poggio Bonelli Chianti Classico 120:-/glass


Wallenbergare 195:-

Served with potato puree, clarified butter och raw lingonberries

Wine recommentadion: Bennati Superiore Ripasso 105:-/glass


Vegetarian sausage 259:-

Made of yellow pees, kidney beans, mushrooms, smoked red bell peppers, roasted garlic

served with potato fondants, black salsify, soured scallions and smoked cream

Wine recommendation: Rosé de Purcari 105:-/glass



Blueberries from local forrests 119:-

Frozen blueberry mousse on top of a chockolate bed, seaberry curd and raw blueberries

Wine recommendation: Bannati Recioto 68:-/4cl


Cloudberry 125:-

Cooked cloudberries, cardamomcake, frozen vanilla cream, milk jelly and saltroasted pine nuts

Wine recommendation: Nectaria Riesling 60:-/4cl


Cheese Plate 129:-

Chefs choise of three different kind of cheeses

Wine recommendation: Secret de Priorat, Spain 152:-/4cl 228:-/6cl


Chocolate truffle 69:-

Two homemade chocolate truffles

Wine recommendation: Bennati Recioto 68:-/4cl


Kids Menu


Pancakes with whipped cream and jam 75:-


Meatballs with creamy gravy, lingonberries and potato puree 85:-


Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sause, sprinkles & a surprise 70:-