Activities / Höga kusten


You can try your hand at archery with all the classic bows — longbow, recurve bow and compound bow on a real straw target, competition style, of course.

Our instructors will tell you how and guide you.

350 sek / per person

(min. of 8 persons)


Hit your friends… with paintballs. You are divided into two teams with the mission to capture the opposing team’s flag! Without getting shot!
The basic package includes camouflage clothing, protective goggles, weapons and 200 balls.

350 sek / per person

(min. of 8 pers)
extra bolls 63 sek/ 100 bolls


Challenge your friends to a classic Pentathlon in which you compete individually and in teams. Now you have the chance to finally show who is best!
You compete in the following events: Bow and Arrow, Blowpipe, Slingshot, Pistol and Axe Throwing.

350 sek / per person

(min. of 8 pers)

Radio-controlled cars

Have a driving licence. Yes, no? Speed freak or Sunday driver? Everyone is welcome here!
You will be driving electric Monster trucks.

350 sek / per person

(min. 8 pers)

Frisbee golf

A fun game to play. All players get three discs each: a driver, midrange and putter.

After a few instructions, you just head for the course in groups of 3-4 persons.

350 sek / per person

(min. 8 pers)

Sumo wrestling

Wearing huge and heavy overalls, you look and act like a real Japanese sumo wrestler. The goal is to force your opponent out of the ring!

550 sek / per person

(min. 8 pers)